A Month on Hospice

A gift has been bestowed upon me! Quality Time. We all have time. The beauty of my gift in time, is the knowledge that my time is now limited.  With that, there is an awareness of quality of life!!!

Quality of life in the hospital was oppressive.  It was dark & depressing.  I believe I would have died if I had stayed there one more night.  So, I blurted out, “I want to go home on hospice care now!!!”  It must have been a shocking request for my family to hear, but they had me signed up with hospice and back at home in a few hours!  I will forever be grateful that I have a family who surrounds me with love and support.

Hospice care at home has been fundamental in my new time-spectrum.  The hospice staff are amazing.   Everyone of them are kind and direct and honest!  They are available 24 hours and have always responded quickly to our calls.  This gives an enormous sense of peace in the quality time.  This gives me peace that I won’t have to return to the dreaded hospital.

My thoughts above are the starting point of my new journey.  With that, “Ok, I’ve the peace let’s go forward,” come a myriad of emotional thoughts barging through the brain!  A month on hospice has me thinking…

I think about quality v. quantity.  I think about how can I make the most of my time?  I think about the after-life.  I think about my children going on without me.  I think about not knowing grandchildren.  I think about my parents and wonder how they feel about all this.  I think about all the family and friends who reach out to me and what a blessing each person is in my life.

Most of all, I think I am blessed to have time to spend with family and friends.  This time on hospice is not about doom and gloom.  It is a time to be with people.  It is a time to be myself.  It is a time, that I can allow to unfold by itself and see what the day brings!




14 thoughts on “A Month on Hospice

  1. I love following your blog. I love the attitude that you have throughout his entire journey. I truly wish we could’ve met while I was in California. Just so close, but you know, I feel as though we have met. I thought of you as we were at the different beaches while we were in California, and knew how much you love them. I also want to thank you for sharing your journey, because it is helping me deal with my mom’s situation. She stopped all of her medication last August, right now she’s doing fantastic, but I know it won’t last. I was looking at hospice information that we received awhile back, and it was so hard to look at, but so necessary. Keep sharing your story, my friend! You are always in my thoughts.

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  2. Love you sweet lady. I pray for you and your family to keep strong. You are a very special person and have and continue to touch others with your positive attitude, while going through such a challenging circumstance. ❤️🙏😘

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  3. I’m in awe, Cindy. So happy you recognize the gift of time and how you’ve chosen to spend it. Thanks for the lessons you share with us. I continue to hold you in my prayers.

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  4. I have been following you in your journey, Cindy and praying for you. Always loved your smile and positive spirit and love for the Lord. Blessing on you and your family as you live each day to the fullest. Would love to see you ? Send me an email.

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  5. Cindy, Thank you for all your love, kindness, friendship and ‘familyship’ which is a bond no miles matter. Your caring of everyone before yourself! Your big kind forgiving heart that sees the best in everyone and gives them/us the pass on our faults. For sharing this journey in a way that comforts us when I know inside your just thinking of others once again before yourself. You are beautiful, funny, kind, smart loving person and I love you with all my heart forever and always… keep up the fight Cuz!🙏🙏🙏💕💕🙏🙏💕💕😘


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