Christmas Eve Thoughts…

Christmas Eve has always been special to me.  I enjoy thinking about the story of Jesus coming into this world.  My thoughts go beyond the traditional story and travel into the realms of the Heavenly.

I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, and I believe in the Holy Spirit.

I believe that God is an amazing force of Love and Light.  I believe that it would be difficult to leave His Presence.  I am amazed that Jesus would leave His side, to be born of a human.  Jesus left the Presence of the Father to dwell with us!  The thought is almost over-whelming to me.

Not only did Jesus leave the Presence of God, but He came into a world that would not welcome Him.  He was born in a barn.  Herod, King of Judea, wanted to kill baby Jesus.  He was always regarded as a bastard, so He did not have any social standing.  I imagine that He was ok with that, but it could not have been easy to endure.  Maybe that is why Jesus always stood up for the underdogs of the world.  His siblings dismissed him as the crazy one in the family.  It could not have been an easy life for Him, and yet he lived among the people.

He lived among the people.  His first miracle was to help a married couple with the wine at their wedding.  He turned water into wine!   I’m looking forward to Heavenly wine!  He taught about what The Father really wants; not what the religious leaders of the day wanted.  It seems the biggest struggle Jesus had on Earth, was to contend with the church leaders of the day.   The leaders wanted everyone to follow their rules.  Jesus said it is ok to break the rules in the name of Love.  If your animal falls in a pit, rescue it, no matter the day!  If someone gets hurt, help that person, no matter the day!  I believe that Jesus wants us to love and accept each other.  To help each other…

He treated the outcasts with kindness.  He healed people.  He stood His ground with the Religious  Leaders of the day.

Jesus left the glory of His Father, to dwell among the people!  It amazes me.

I understand that not all will agree with me regarding my beliefs.   However,  I have been fortunate to experience this kind of love from my family and friends.  I am thankful for every text message (it has been difficult to speak- texting is easier), I am thankful for every card, every visit, every prayer, and every thought that has been poured out over me and over Trev and Bree.  I love you all!  Merry Christmas!!!










13 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Thoughts…

  1. Merry Christmas my dear friend. I love you so and am so thankful you chose to pour His love out in me. What a blessing you are. One day I know we will sit at His feet together and laugh like school girls. But until that day be well. Know you are loved. And I long to see you. Always… your Beth.

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