December/January Adventures

As I begin to type, rain is pouring from the dark sky.  I can hear it popping up from our black-top parking area and I love the idea that all will be clean and fresh after the storm passes.  I’ve been in bed all day and it has been a day of memories raining through my brain.  Some of the memories are begging to be captured and written down.  Some of the memories are like thunder and lightning; they are here for the brief jolt and then the memory fades.

The adventures I want to share were big events for me.  Seeing Fleetwood Mac play has always been a dream of mine. I was able to see them in concert on December 8th with my life-long friend, Lori.  The concert was awesome and I could share so much about that experience.  The truth is, the experience was more about who I was with for the event!  We had an amazing time just talking and being together.  She is one of the few people who knows there was a husband #1 before husband #2.  At one point in our conversation, she asked, “I wonder whatever happened to good ol’ Bob?”  It  made me smile because she knows and remembers the young me and I remember the young Lori.

Staying in Newport the week before Christmas was the next big adventure.  This was our family Christmas time together.  We had a great room that had a harbor view.  Watching the boats in the bay was wonderful.  Experiencing the boat parade was on my wish-list and that made the stay perfect for me.  However, the trip was about who was there and sharing the experience together.  Important conversations came up during that time and emotions were shared.

Warner Bros Studio was the next big adventure.  Brianna gave me this trip as a Christmas present!  She made sure it would be an easy trip for me.   The tour is mostly done in a shuttle.  When there was walking, I had my walker.  I enjoyed seeing the sets, but again it was about sharing the adventure.  Bree and I have spent hours watching Friends and Gilmore Girls.  To see the sets with her, took us down memory-lane and gave us a gift of all the times we have solved world issues on the couch as we watched these shows!   We both have great ideas for saving the world!

As it continues to rain, both outside and the raining of memories in my head, I know the  importance of family and friends.  Being on the cancer/hospice journey without the help of family and friends would be extremely difficult.  I am so thankful to all of you.  I am moving at a slower pace and don’t always respond in a timely matter, but I am treasuring each of you and your outreaching to me.  I guess this a good place to give an update on my health:

I have slowed down and use a walker now. Using oxygen is a big part of my life now.   The mass at my rib is growing outward and I am really bloated everywhere.  There is a new mass on my throat and it is growing toward the rib.  Texting is easier than phone calls for me.  I am still in good spirit, and I am thankful for every moment and for every adventure.  Life is still filled with possibilities!!!

3 thoughts on “December/January Adventures

  1. Good morning Cindy Lou!
    As I read your post I am once again enamored by who you are. God knew what he was doing when he put you in my life all those years ago. And he knew I needed to read this message from you today. I remember Bob. Remember when you and Bob and Joe and I did Disneyland? It poured and most everyone else went home but we stayed and ran to every ride we could get on with no lines. Lol. Those were some good times. I didn’t like eating Tofu at your place though. I laugh when I remember standing next to you at the stove while you were cooking and thinking…. how am I gonna choke down this spongy looking stuff? Life seemed simpler then. We have both lived a lot of life since then. I know one day in His perfect timing we will sit at his feet together and worship Him. I thank you for the blessing you are in my life. For bringing me to the One who truly loved me. For laughing with me when I asked those silly questions about Jesus and who He is. And yet you were the first to show me what His grace and forgiveness were about. You radiate the Savior. I love your zest for life and I am going to take that up and live mine to the fullest. I long to see you and hold your hand and have those crazy talks we used to have on our walks. I love you dear friend and look forward to your next post. Keep them coming.
    Yours as always,


    1. LOL! We had a lot of fun! I’m back to using the Bible I loaned you and I pray for you and your family every morning as I read through that Bible.
      Regarding the food: Truthfully, I wondered the same thing. That’s why it was always loaded with cheese! I love you and miss you! ~Cindy


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