The Living Desert & other thoughts…

After a long week of heavy rain storms, Friday’s forecast showed that it would be in the 70’s in Palm Desert, Ca.  Trevor, Katie, and I were excited to see this news, as we had planned a Private Safari at The Living Desert for this day.  Trevor packed up my oxygen tanks and walker and we were off for our adventure at The Living Desert!

The Living Desert is a beautiful zoo in Palm Desert, CA.  The animals are all beautiful,  the enclosures were clean and the walking paths and trails were made to look regional the the animal territory we were visiting.  We chose to use the Private Safari Adventure, as it is fully done with a guide and the complete use of a shuttle.  I highly recommend this option.  Our guide was wonderful and we were able to gain “insider” information.  Of course, conservation and and extinction is a main topic of zoos and conservancies.  I am saddened at the amount of species that are currently on the Red List of declining/endangered/extinct animals.  More information can be found on

I truly enjoyed getting out for the morning and hanging out with Trev and Katie.  We were able to see every animal and we were able to feed the giraffes!  Every animal there is beautiful and some were very funny to watch.  It seemed like the animals were happy to see a sunshine day!

Anyway, I woke up at 2:00 am and my brain started thinking about animal extinction and my own journey with cancer and hospice.  Honestly, I’m not sure where I’m going with these 2:00 am thoughts.  Comparing species extinction to my own passing seems trivial.  However, there is the issue of loss in both cases.

What will it be like on earth if the animals/creatures  continue to disappear? What will it be like if all the bees disappear?  Many people believe that it could start the end of the world.  Because bees are primary pollinators of fruits and vegetables, this could lead to a chain reaction of crops disappearing, which could lead to limited agriculture available, which could lead to limited dairy and meat supply.  It would also lead to the disappearance of my beloved honey.  The disappearance of bees would make the world a less sweet place to live.

What is it like when a loved one disappears to death?  It drastically changes the life of those left behind.  For my children, their world will be forever changed.  I believe that they will mourn.  I believe they will be strong.  I don’t think they will forget me on their big event days:  weddings, children, deciding where to settle, buying their first home, happy moments and sad moments.  They will probably think of me at the beach or when a storm passes.

The journey of life will always have it’s ups and downs.  From the big issues that face our world (extinction) to experiencing the joys found in this world.  We all have the opportunity to choose how we encounter life.  Will we embrace the opportunities put before us?  Will we become divisive with one another as we try find and implement correct solutions for the world?  My hope and longing is that people will exchange ideas and work together to make this world a better place.

As for my own remaining time, I will continue to embrace life!  My hope for my family and friends is that, they too will embrace life.  I hope they will stop and watch the bees for awhile!



Stuff Happens…

Hello All!

Radiation Update:  I’ve had three treatments; two more to go!  I have more range of motion in my right arm!  The biggest side effect has been the fatigue that goes with radiation treatment.  Other than that, there isn’t much to report on the radiation treatment, at this point.

So….a close friend has encouraged me to write about some of the funny stuff that happens.  It easier for me to tell a funny story than to write a funny story.    I’m hopeful that My Funny Stuff stories comes across as humorous to you.   I hope it will bring a smile or laugh into your life.  Here goes:  Funny Story #1- Hazardous Indoor Biking

As most of you know, I love being active and I love being outdoors.  For the last few months, I have been contained indoors.  The weather has been hot.  My right arm has been out of commission.  Fatigue keeps me on a short leash at home.  In short, I’ve become a couch potato.

Being a couch potato isn’t all bad!  I have been catching up on relationships with family and friends,  catching up on writing, and catching up on creative projects.   So really, this time has been a gift that could be easily over looked.  However, for the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking that my legs are still good and I need to keep my heart exercised…so, I’ve been looking at exercise equipment to have in the apartment.

My exercise equipment search began at my favorite on-line store, Amazon.  As I began to think this through, I decided a stationary bike with a huge seat might be the winning ticket.  Then…tad-dah, I found the mega-starred recumbent ellipitcal machine.  It has everything!  It has the super-wide comfy seat, it has zero-impact stress on body joints, it has four and half stars…AND it comes with a huge price tag.  I did give this serious thought for about a week and then decided it didn’t fit the budget or my apartment space.  The search continued and I spent days looking at exercise bikes on Amazon.

Finally, I settled on an affordable and foldable stationary bike that was more in line with my budget and space needs.  I read the reviews and did research.  It took me several days to hit the, “Proceed with Purchase” button.  Once I did though, I couldn’t wait for the bike to arrive and get started peddling while watching TV.

The big day arrived and the bike was delivered to my Postal Annex store.  Trevor and Katie picked up the bike for me and spent time assembling the bike.  They were very methodical during this process.  Trevor even read the directions out loud in a funny accent (he should have his own YouTube channel)!  When they were finished assembling the bike, they each took a turn trying out the bike.  Then I got on and peddled for thirty minutes.  Awww….it felt good to be moving!!!

On Day 2 of having the stationary exercise bike, I turned on The Voice and was prepared to peddle for another thirty minutes.  I upped the tension a bit and was ready to ride away from Couch Potato Land.  Fifteen minutes passed and all was well as I peddled my best to keep the heart rate up a bit.  I was trying to peddle in time with the songs on The Voice.  Then I decided to take a short break.

The break went really well.  I sat down, I had a drink of water, I stalked Facebook, and then I hopped back on The Bike.  As I sat on that huge, comfy seat, something went terribly wrong.  I leaned back into the back rest and in slow motion the back rest started to move.  It wasn’t supposed to move.  It was supposed to be a secure place to lean into while riding…my brain was trying process this…but the bike seat and my body kept going backwards and down to the floor.  I landed with a thud.  I landed on my right shoulder and elbow.  Trevor and Katie ran into the living room to find me on my back!

For a moment, I could not comprehend what had just happened.  Here I was, on the floor, looking up at the ceiling of my apartment.  I had fallen off a stationary bike!  Yup, that does seem like something I would do! All I could do, was to start laughing.  How many people fall of stationary bikes?

Trevor and Katie helped me up and then looked at the bike.  The metal post that holds the back rest broke in half!  I wrote to Amazon immediately.  I haven’t heard back from them, so I’ll give them a call after I post this blog.

Trevor and Katie are heroes to me.  They have been driving me places, helping around the apartment, running errands, and they come running if they hear a loud crash in the apartment!  Thank you Trevor and Katie!!!

I did not sustain any injuries from the Stationary Bike fall.  I still want to exercise indoors, so the search resumes.  Maybe I will have to stretch the budget for better quality?

As I read through this, I realize I am not able to write this with the humor I intended.  I’ll keep on working on, “Writing with Humor.”  In the meantime, I’ll change this from, “Funny Stuff That Happens” to “Stuff Happens.”  There has been plenty of Stuff happening to keep the blog going for years!

Thank you for reading this entry and staying in touch.  I hope that you find something to smile about or laugh about today.  Sometimes we have to really search for the positive or humorous side of things, but it is always worth searching for the treasures in life.

With love, Cindy

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Conga Line

I love to shop at our local fruit stand on Yucaipa Blvd.  As I grab a little shopping cart and enter the open doorway, a feeling of wholeness washes over me.  The store is very orderly and customers usually follow the same path and circle around the center displays.  As I joined the line of people pushing their carts back to back, I could hear in my head, “Da da da da done da…” and I could visualize all of us shopping as a conga line! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and several people turned and stared at me.  Well, that doesn’t bother me anymore.  Giggling, I shared my thought with the others and we all had a good laugh.

Wouldn’t it be nice if people turned shopping into a fun experience?